How can I, an individual, take action for Planet, Inclusion, and Adventure (PIA)?

Here at The Outdoorist Oath, this very question is our reason to exist.

As a member of 1% for the Planet, Public Lands donates 1% of all sales to the Public Lands Fund, a program of the DICK’s Sporting Goods Foundation that supports organizations protecting public lands and increasing access & equity in the outdoors. The Public Lands Fund is honored to announce The Outdoorist Oath as one of the latest Public Lands Fund grantees. To celebrate this new partnership, we’ve asked The Outdoorist Oath to guest-write a blog on how individuals can take action for Planet, Inclusion & Adventure – the central themes of The Oath! Here’s what they wrote:

“How can I, an individual, take action for Planet, Inclusion, and Adventure (PIA)?” We’re glad you asked! Here at The Outdoorist Oath (The Oath for short), this very question is our reason to exist. Our co-founders Teresa Baker, Jose Gonzalez, and Pattie Gonia continuously received some version of this question from their communities throughout the years. They brought their varied experiences and expertise together, voilá: the Oath - a commitment to take action for PIA and a workshop to support - was born.

Often in the adventure, diversity/equity/inclusion/justice (DEIJ), and environmental fields, we find ourselves siloed, tunnel visioned on one goal or issue. While there is tons of value to that, at The Oath we believe, and can attest, that action at the intersections isn’t just necessary and more effective, but is also where true abundance of solutions can exist. Ultimately, no issue is isolated from another. We live in an interconnected world, where even our sense of self is fabricated by systems that benefit from us being disconnected from each other and the natural world. That’s why we are inviting the outdoor community to show up for PIA in relationship, together, simultaneously.

Outdoorist Oath

Why Planet, Inclusion, and Adventure?

Something we’ve noticed is that one of these ecosystems (at The Oath we call ‘planet, inclusion, and adventure’ our shared “ecosystems”) normally serves as the initial point of curiosity or inspiration to become a changemaker. Over time, it becomes clear that we cannot sustain one of these ecosystems without the other.

For example, by taking action for inclusion and for adventure, we welcome more individuals into the outdoors, which means more voices taking action for the planet. If there’s no planet, where would we adventure? If there’s no inclusion, we miss opportunities to evolve what adventure can be. If there’s no adventure, our planet will be missing out on many land caretakers so often inspired by adventure.

How to make an action plan for PIA?

The simple answer is this: reflection turned action.

We cannot show up authentically to support a space, if we aren’t self-aware to begin. So we invite you to reflect on who you uniquely are based on your experiences, communities, talents, and joys,  and figure out where you can show up on the side of solutions and commit to actions you can take. In our workshop, we share a tool we call “The Action Compass” to help orient you through these and other reflections.

To be most effective, reflecting-to-plan-for-action must become a regular practice. We are not saying to sit down and jot down action items daily (we rather you be out and about doing the things, though if daily lists are your thing, we love that!). What we are suggesting is you make a commitment with yourself and review your action plan annually, bimonthly, quarterly; as often as is both achievable and feels useful to YOU. You are ever evolving, so your action plan will be, too.

Like planting a seed, nurture it, let it grow, and enjoy the process of witnessing your actions bloom into solutions for people and the planet.

If any of the above resonates with you, it’s likely you are ready to join a community of individuals committed to taking action for PIA! We hope you’ll join our next Outdoorist Oath workshop to help you further work on your action plan and to make your commitment *extra official* alongside the community.

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