A man and woman runner in Schiller Park within German Village

Columbus Running: Historic Schiller Park in German Village

Photo: Friends of Schiller Park

For a relatively small, urban park (23.4 acres), there’s plenty of rich history and activity going on at Schiller Park and the surrounding streets in German Village.

The tree- and garden-filled park is a hub for all sorts of classes and Shakespearian performances—not to mention a rec center, basketball court, fishing ponds and a playground. There’s also a lot of art, including two traditional sculptures, as well as a few more that are out there, err, up there (explanation below) for you to enjoy a sensory-stimulating run through the second-oldest park in Columbus.

Recommended Route

Let’s start with a run around the exterior of the square-shaped park that’s bordered by Reinhard Avenue (north), Jaeger Street (east), East Deshler Avenue (south) and the aptly named City Park Avenue (west). It’s about 0.6 miles around, and you can run on the cement path, or the grass next to it, and admire the ornate, red-brick Italianate architecture that lines these four streets as you breeze by.

And then, explore! Zigzag around the paths that crisscross the park. Break in the shade of the ash and elms, and soak in the beauty of the Huntington Perennial Garden. 

Must See

Make sure to look for the girl with the copper umbrella, a statue in a fountain on the west side of the park. There’s also a massive statue of Friedrich von Schiller, the famous (in his day) German poet. The park was named in his honor, unveiled on July 4, 1891 before a crowd of 50,000. (During World War I, anti-German sentiment was running high and the park was renamed Washington Park, reverting back to its original name in 1930.) Make sure to look up as you run with an eye for the whimsical, gravity-defying sculptures of Jerzy Kedziora. They’re not actually floating in space; if you look closely, you can see their suspension wires.

A view of Schiller pond Photo: Friends of Schiller Park

More Miles

To add another mile to your run, explore German Village. Head north on South Third Street, past Saint Mary Catholic Church, the Book Loft and the red-brick buildings that date back more than a century when German immigrants made this neighborhood their home. Take a right on East Livingston Avenue, and then head south on Mohawk Street, which leads you back to Schiller Park. 

Run and Ride?

There’s a CoGo Bikeshare station on City Park Avenue, on the west side of the park, if you’d like to pedal the streets of German Village after (or instead) of your run.


No problem. There’s free parking on all four of the streets that border the park, as well as in the parking lot at the rec center on the park’s southeast corner.

Where To Eat

This could easily be one of those runs where you consume more calories after than you burned during. Two of the city’s most beloved eateries are just steps away from Schiller Park—and neither is bashful about serving big portions. The Thurman Café (a block south of the park on Thurman Avenue) is the home of the famous Thurmanator, a burger so big they dare you to eat the whole thing. Schmidt’s Sausage Haus (240 E. Kossuth St.) features the Bahama Mama sausage and the Jumbo Cream Puff, which more than lives up to its name. 

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