Group of friends ride mountain bike in the forest together

Mountain Biking Overton Preserve

Access some of the best technical trails in the heart of Long Island.

The Overton Preserve is a pocket of rolling forest tightly laced with about 14 miles of fun, looping singletrack trails. Because it’s located right in the middle of Long Island—just south of Coram—it’s pretty easy to get to from everywhere. The only quirk? Because the property was used as a paintball venue before it was turned into a nature preserve, you’ll find plenty of remnants from the land’s past life. Think: defensive structures, an old car, and even a rusty faux-artillery gun. Still, for variety, concentrated trail mileage, and proximity to neighboring trails, the mountain biking at Overton is pretty hard to beat. Here’s what you need to know ahead of your first visit. 

Recommended Rides 

This park packs tons of route options within its few hundred acres. One good option for intermediate riders: Connect the Overton Main Loop with the four northernmost loops for a fun, 6-mile ride

Want to go bigger? According to Mike Vitti, the president of local nonprofit Concerned Long Island Mountain Bikers, the coolest thing about Overton is that it connects to Glacier Ridge, a similarly sized park just across state Route 112.

“Together, it’s over 25 miles of trails and it’s pretty much like a rollercoaster—swoopy, fast singletrack,” he says. More advanced riders can connect the two by riding Loop 1, then taking the Glacier Ridge Connector east to the Dark Side of the Moon Extension. Hit this one, then Dark Side of the Moon proper, before retracing your route back to your car. The whole thing’s a little over 4 miles. 

You can also go east via the Triple Crown Connector, which links Overton Preserve to more than 12 miles of singletrack trails at nearby Cathedral Pines County Park, Vitti says. (Cathedral Pines is also the site of CLIMB’s annual Fat Tire Fest.) 

Getting There 

The Overton Preserve is located between Coram and Medford in east-central Long Island. To get there from the city, take the Long Island Expressway (Interstate 495) going east. Hop off at Exit 64, hang a left on 112 going north, then turn right on Granny Road to find the parking area. 

Refresh and Refuel 

When your quads are thrashed and your stomach’s rumbling, Vitti recommends the family-owned Drago’s Pizza, which serves artisan pies, meatballs, and calzones. Or, head south to Cactus Café (just off Route 112) to fill up on solid Tex Mex amid a festive atmosphere. 

More Info 

For more information and online trail maps, check out the Concerned Long Island Mountain Bikers (CLIMB), a local nonprofit that’s been building trails and advocating for mountain biking in Long Island since 1990. CLIMB also organizes regular group rides and trail work days to Overton and beyond. 

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