Our industry-trained technicians will make sure your bike is ready for any riding conditions. They are prepped to handle any tune-up, repair or overhaul with an arsenal of park tool shop equipment and our state-of-the-art service area.

Bike Maintenance

If you ride often, schedule regular tune-ups to keep your bike at its best and to maintain overall safety. Long-distance cyclists should also have their bike inspected before heading out on a lengthy trek.

Bike Repairs and Adjustments

Our trained techs can make adjustments and repairs following accidental damage and wear and tear to your brakes, drivetrain, shifters, deraileurs, wheels and more.

Bike Installations

From the basic tire installs, after-market parts, performance upgrades, to child carriers, we can install and replace accessories to customize your bike before your next journey.

Bike Services Pricing

Tune Up Packages

0-90 Day Free First Service w/ New Bike Purchase

Standard Bike Tune Up $89.95

Deluxe Bike Tune Up $149.95

Premium Bike Tune Up $249.95

E-Bike Tune Up $134.95


Bottom Bracket Install $29.95

Brake Cable Inst Front/Rear $24.95

Brake Pad Cartridge Install $19.95

Brake Set RD/LIN/MECH/DSC/F/R $19.95

Chainring/Sprocket Inst/Ring $14.95

Shoe Cleat Install-No Fitting $9.95

Computer w/Cadence Install $19.95

Crank & Bottom Bracket Install $39.95

Derailleur Cable/Housing- F/R $24.95

Fork Suspension Install $49.95

Handle bar/Tape Drop/Aerobars Inst $24.94

Headset Install $34.95

Light Set Install $9.95

Shifter Rpfr/Twist F/R Inst $24.95

Rd/Bk Shift F/R w/HB Tape Wrap $34.95

Stem/Handle Bar High Rise Inst $44.95

Tube/Tire- Off bike (per tire) $9.95

Tube/Tire- On bike (per tire) $14.95

Tubular Tires (per tire) $74.95

Straighten Derailleur Hanger $14.95


Wheelset-WHL/CAS/ADJ REAR DER $39.95

Bottom Bracket Adjustment $14.95

Brake Bleed Hydraulic Disc F/R $34.95

F/R Brake Adjustment RD/LNEAR/MCH DSC $14.95

Derailleur Adjustment F/R $19.95

Hub Cone Adjust Front/Rear $19.95

Straighten Dropouts F/R $24.95


Bottom Bracket Overhaul $39.95

Headset Overhaul $39.95

Hub Coaster Brake Overhaul $64.95

Hub Front or Rear Overhaul $24.95

Hub Overhaul Internal Gear All Speeds $64.95

Clean & Lube

Cassette/Freewheel Clean/Lube $19.95

Chain Clean and Lube Off Bike $19.95

Chain Clean and Lube On Bike $9.95

Drivetrain Cleaning $49.95


Computer Battery Replace/Reprogram $9.95

Assemble E-Bike-Boxed $149.95

Assemble Bike Swap/Bare Frame $199.95

Re-Box Bicycle $99.95

Cut Fork $24.95

Fit Transfer to Different Bike $29.95

Safety Check No Adjustments $24.95

Wash Bicycle $29.95

Wheel Build per Wheel $59.95

Call your local store for additional information and details around what each service item entails.