Beyond The Label
Beyond impossible beauty standards. Beyond the belief that your size equals your worth. Beyond harmful fast-fashion, quick fixes and settling for less than you deserve.


Why We Love This Brand
Beyond Yoga was built upon the mission to give every body—of every size and shape—the luxury-level comfort they deserve from activewear. Founded in 2006 by Jodi Guber Brufsky and Co-Founder Michelle Wahler who still lead an over 85% female staff today, Beyond Yoga makes clothes to live in, sweat in and believe in. Their fabrics are wear-tested in every size for activewear that fits every shape, feels like a second skin and provides confidence to breathe, move and live life. So you never have to work out to fit in.

BlueSign Certified. Smarter Designs. Responsible Sourcing.

Imagery supporting Beyond Yoga's fabrics.

It All Starts With Better Fabrics

Through meticulous testing and research, Beyond Yoga designed a unique line of high-quality fabrics to create styles that perform for you. Built to last and always give more comfort, support and softness no matter how many times you wear them.

Imagery supporting Beyond Yoga's sustainability.

Built Sustainably

Designed to be better for your body and our planet. Beyond Yoga aims to always minimize environmental impact through durable designs that last, creating less overall waste as our way of improving the entire industry of fashion.

Imagery supporting Beyond Yoga's community.

Community is Power

Beyond Yoga believes in giving back to communities and team members through inspired activism and positive contribution.

Go Beyond

See how Beyond Yoga can fit into your everyday style.