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Sea to Summit Wilderness Wash Pocket Soap

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  • Biodegradable and fragrance-free
  • 50 leaves of soap per pack
  • Non-detergent formula to protect technical fabrics

Product Information


  • 50 leaves of dry soap per pack


  • Gentle on fabrics and skin but effective on dishes and laundry stains
  • Biodegradable and fragrance-free
  • Just put a leaf or two in your palm, add water and work into a lather
  • Safe for personal use, pots, pans, clothes or any outdoor gear
  • Not a liquid, so it is perfect for carry-on luggage when traveling by plane (TSA approved)
  • Use only as much as you need, and the rest stays dry
  • Will harm aquatic life if used directly in streams, ponds and lakes so practice “Leave No Trace” and wash / dispose of wastewater 300ft / 100m from any water source
  • A non-detergent formula that will not harm wool or degrade water-resistant technical fabrics / DWR finishes (make sure to rinse well after washing)
  • Designed for washing clothes in a sink (one or two leaves in 1 – 2 gallons of water), whereas a washing machine uses 20 – 50 gallons of water – so you would need 10 – 25 leaves
  • Brand : Sea to Summit
  • SKU: 14030226