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Cannondale Adult Jekyll 2 Mountain Bike

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GT Kids' Stomper Pro 26" Bike


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Shop Mountain Bikes at Public Lands

Shop for Mountain Bikes at Public Lands

Mountain bikes help you explore the best of the great outdoors in an exciting way. At Public Lands, you'll find a large selection of mountain bikes for every need, including specialized bikes for women and kids. Whether you're after a thrilling ride or a gentle one, Public Lands has a bike for you!

Mountain Bikes for Different Terrain

When you shop online for a mountain bike at Public Lands, it's helpful to think about the type of terrain you plan to explore. For example, are you planning to cover lots of hills? If so, consider a cross-country bike.

If your bike will be used in sand or snow, a fat-tire bike will give you more traction. Trail bikes are ideal if you're new to mountain biking, and all-mountain bikes make uphill climbs easier.

Bike Suspension Choices for Your Budget

At Public Lands, you'll find mountain bikes for every budget. Rigid mountain bikes are the least expensive mountain bikes. Although they lack suspension, they provide a faster ride than other types of mountain bikes, and they allow you to fully experience the terrain during your ride.

Generally, rigid mountain bikes need fewer repairs than bikes with suspension systems, making them a good value for your money. Although rigid bikes can work for beginners, many beginners choose bikes with suspension systems for added comfort.

Hardtail suspension bikes give you suspension at the front of the bike, and they offer a more comfortable ride. They're perfect for midrange budgets, and they're ideal for cross-country riding.

If you have a higher budget, you may want to consider a mountain bike with full suspension. These bikes have suspension at the front and back of the bike. Overall, they provide the highest level of comfort.

When you shop for bikes online, you may want to check out several bike brands. It can be helpful to consider the model specifications for different bikes, too. The product detail pages provide the information you need to quickly compare various bikes.

Are you looking for another type of bike? Consider an electric bike, a hybrid bike or a gravel bike. As you browse the bike section, remember to check out helmets and cycling shoes, too!