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  • Peony/Navy
Salomon Women's Snow Rebel Ski Pants

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WAS: $170.00*

Helly Hansen Junior's Legendary Pants

$110.97 - $130.00

WAS: $130.00*

  • Bright White
  • Easter Egg
  • True Black
Roxy Women's Rising High Ski Pants

$146.00 - $209.95

WAS: $209.95*

  • True Black
Roxy Women's Summit Snow Bibs


WAS: $249.95*

  • Blush Pink
Burton Women's Vida Stretch Pants

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WAS: $199.95*

  • White
  • Black
Rossignol Women's Podium Pants


WAS: $180.00*

  • Cooper Pink
Rossignol Women's Relaxed Bib Ski Pants

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WAS: $275.00*

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Obermeyer Women's Malta Snow Pants

$93.97 - $104.00

WAS: $149.00*


Learn More About Snow Pants and Bibs

Many people focus their energy on finding the right coat, but snow pants and bibs are just as important. While choosing the perfect snow pants or bib from Public Lands, keep a few things in mind.

Pants vs. Bibs

Snow pants keep your legs warm in the cold, but bibs go even further. Like overalls, they have straps that reach up to loop over your shoulders.

Because they're so secure, bibs are great if you're engaging in seriously active movement. Otherwise, your activities could tug regular pants down over time. Snow bibs will also stay up better if you take a tumble.


Both snow pants and bibs can have a wide variety of additional features. Some of them won't matter to you, but others could be crucial.

Pants with pockets are very popular. They allow you to haul small items around without stashing them in a separate bag. With ample pockets, you can free up your hands and access your possessions at a moment's notice.

If your winter gloves aren't doing the trick, you can also stuff your hands into pockets for extra warmth.

Insulated snow pants and bibs are ideal for super-cold weather. Additionally, mesh panels can prevent snow from getting through your pants.

Waterproof or water-resistant snow pants and bibs are vital when you're concerned about getting wet. If you'll face slush, puddles, or rain, choose these. For activities in gusty weather, wind-resistant pants or bibs are invaluable.

Once you've chosen your snow pants or bib, peruse our baselayers to build more flexibility into your outfit.