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Explore Camping Tables at Public Lands

Portable tables may not sound complicated, but there are a lot of factors involved when choosing one. To select the right camping table, think about the needs you want it to meet.


Do you plan to bring your camping table on long hikes to remote campgrounds? Though all camping tables are technically portable, some are easier to move than others.

Portability involves both weight and packing size. You can find tables that weigh as low as a few pounds, but most weigh more.

While many tables are big even at their packing size, others fold up small enough to fit in laptop sleeves. Some are so large that you need a car to transport them any notable distance.

Heat and Water Resistance

If you plan to put a camp stove on your table, choose an option with heat-resistant materials. Water resistance is also a vital feature for most outdoor tables.

Weight Capacity

Tables have diverse weight capacities. If you just want yours to hold a plate or two, you don’t need to worry about this.

However, it’s easy to underestimate how much weight you’ll place on a table. To stay on the safe side, choose one that can support at least a few dozen pounds.

Setup and Takedown

Collapsible tables that travel in one piece are the easiest to put up and take down. Larger one-piece options can be unwieldy, though.

Special Features

Some tables are pretty simple, but others have extra features. Cooking stations, for instance, sometimes include sinks and shelves. Other tables offer multiple height options.

Once you’ve chosen a table, don’t forget the chairs! Our outdoor chairs allow you to relax in style no matter how far you are from home.