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The right camping knives and multi-tools can make your camping adventures much more enjoyable. Use this guide to pick the perfect tools for your camping style.

When Should You Use a Camping Knife?

Camping knives have fixed or foldable blades. Generally, the blades are stronger than those that come with camping multi-tools. If your camping knife has a fixed blade, it will come with a sheath.

Camping knives are ideal for cutting ropes, branches, and sticks. You might want to use them for clearing brush or bushes around your campsite. If you wish, you could even use your camping knife to chop fruits and vegetables.

What Kind of Knife Do You Need?

Non-serrated knives have smooth edges that are recommended for slicing through soft materials. They're ideal for hunting and preparing food.

Serrated knives have teeth. They're recommended for sawing through wood for shelters and fires. Partially serrated knives have a combination of non-serrated and serrated edges, and they're ideal for multipurpose use.

When Could a Camping Multi-Tool Work Well?

Designed like tiny toolboxes, camping multi-tools are foldable, so it's easy to fit them in your backpack. Multi-tools work well for general camping uses and campsite repairs.

Most multi-tools come with at least five tools. Some models include more than 20 tools. At a minimum, your multi-tool will probably have a knife, a screwdriver, a bottle opener, and a pair of pliers.

Pliers are helpful for picking up hot cookware from your camping stove. Screwdrivers are ideal for repairing your flashlight and other camping gear.

Should You Choose a Multi-Tool With Extra Tools?

As you consider getting extra tools with your multi-tool, make a list of your camping plans and activities. For example, will you be eating canned food? If so, make sure that your multi-tool includes a can opener.

Will you fish during your camping trip? Look for multi-tools with fish scalers or hook disgorgers to simplify your fishing experience.

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