People enjoying a hike and camping with Marmot products.
Nearly 50 Years of Performance at Play
Marmot was founded in 1974 by a group of mountain-loving misfits who were passionate about climbing, camping and creating the world's most reliable gear.
A man giving a high five while hiking in the mountains.
Why We Love This Brand
Marmot is legendary for its high-quality, high-performance gear and apparel used by alpinists and everyday outdoor enthusiasts around the world. Marmot combines the best components like GORE-TEX and Polartec® and its proprietary WarmCube® technology with a passion for building outdoor communities that are accessible to all.

Marmot's Brand Pillars

A woman rock climbing in a Marmot jacket.

Performance and Protection Since 1974

For 48 years, Marmot has been building a community for all athletes who value outdoor fun by equipping them with the best technical gear and apparel.

Two people setting up sleeping bags with a mountain in the background.

Legendary Gear and Apparel Innovation

Marmot’s gear and apparel combines high-performance material with the design and construction expertise of skiers, climbers and campers to maximize fun and safety outdoors.

A man pouring water on a smiling woman's head.

Fueling the Soul

Marmot began as a club of people who were passionate about climbing, camping and creating the world’s best gear. Above all, they valued fun with friends in the outdoors. Marmot carries that spirit of fun and inclusivity on and believes that if you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong.

A woman jumping across a rocky stream.

People, Product, Planet

Marmot believes that everyone, everywhere should experience the joy of the outdoors. This belief informs everything it does from creating sustainability policies to grants to outreach programs that help people in underserved communities get out.