Security Alerts

The security of athlete data is a company-wide priority and critical to DICK’S ongoing operations. We have invested in skilled personnel, recurring training, and numerous technologies to keep pace with current threats, trends, and an ever-evolving landscape.

Despite these best efforts, internet scammers are relentless in their pursuit to defraud individuals. The focus of their efforts is collecting sensitive data (e.g., payment credentials) for monetary gain.

Scammers have recently been sending out emails to large numbers of U.S. consumers posing as well-known companies, including DICK’S. These scammers fraudulently use company branding and include fake promotions, as you can see from some of the examples below.

It is important for consumers to know that DICK’S does not send communications from any email domains except for those affiliated with our family of businesses (DICK’S Sporting Goods, Golf Galaxy, Public Lands, House of Sport, Going, Going Gone or Gamechanger), and DICK’S only accepts payment information on its established websites, which are identified on our DICK’S family of businesses page.

How can you protect yourself?

If you have received a fraudulent communication and provided a credit card or other sensitive information in response to these messages or via any of the links they contained, we recommend contacting your financial institution to ensure your account is properly monitored for fraud and take any other actions they recommend.

DICK’S has begun to deploy additional technologies that will assist our athletes in identifying potentially fraudulent emails. The majority of our emails will look very similar to what you see below if supported by your email provider. Note the DICK’S logo and blue checkmark.

Alert: Fraudulent Email Giveaways

There are multiple email scams that are fraudulently designed to appear as a DICK’S branded email offer for product giveaways or steep discounts.

The links within these emails go to a website that is not associated with DICK’S or any of its affiliates. DICK’S does not solicit information from our customers in this manner. You should not reply to or follow any links contained in such a message. Customers can validate the legitimacy of any DICK’S website by visiting our DICK’S family of businesses page.


The following are samples of these fraudulent emails:

Alert: Fraudulent Giveaways

Multiple fraudulent websites are designed to appear as a DICK’S website with deeply discounted merchandise. Orders placed on these sites may include a fraudulent order confirmation email and are also designed to appear as DICK’S order confirmation.

Customers can validate the legitimacy of any DICK’S website by visiting our DICK’S family of businesses page.

 The following is a sample of a fraudulent website and order confirmations: