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Z-Man Chatterbait Minimax Bladed jig



Weight: 3/8 oz.

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Z-Man Chatterbait Minimax Bladed jig

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Product Information

The Z-Man Chatterbait Mini Max is a compact bladed jig ideal for situations that call for a smaller profile and more subtle vibration. Designed with a downsized stainless Hex-shaped ChatterBlade, the Mini Max features a blade almost half the size of the original ChatterBlade. Built with Z-Mans patented direct head-to-blade Chatterbait connection, this signature combo ensures the Mini Max starts vibrating with the first turn of the reel handle and allows it to deflect off cover easily.


  • ChatterBait® MiniMax™ emits a potent yet subtle bladed jig vibration, the action of a crankbait, profile of a jig and flash of a spinnerbait
  • Downsized hex-shaped ChatterBlade® ensures compatibility with bass behavior
  • Swims erratically like wounded prey to draw in fringe feeders
  • Patent direct head-to-blade connection
  • Wire-tied silicone skirt for enhanced durability and movement
  • Dual molded conical keeper barbs securely hold soft plastic trailers in place
  • Heavy-duty 2/0 black nickel look
  • Brand : Z-Man
  • Country of Origin : Imported