WHOOP 4.0 Activity Tracker product image
WHOOP 4.0 Activity Tracker product image
WHOOP 4.0 Activity Tracker product image
WHOOP 4.0 Activity Tracker product image
WHOOP 4.0 Activity Tracker product image

WHOOP 4.0 Activity Tracker

Color: Onyx
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  • Wearable health & fitness coach
  • Analyzes key metrics that indicate overall health
  • Provides you with a daily recovery score
  • Initial 12 month membership included
  • Comes with a free Onyx band and Battery Pack 4.0
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Product Information

WHOOP® is a wearable health & fitness coach that keeps track of everything from your sleep patterns to your exercise habits to not just track what you did, but tells you what to do next. WHOOP coaches you through your day with recommendations based on your unique physiology, whether that’s recommending when to go to bed or how much exertion you should take on to meet your fitness goals.


  • Purchase includes an initial 12 month WHOOP membership, 4.0 hardware, onyx SuperKnit band, and wearable + waterproof* battery pack
  • WHOOP also comes with 24/7 customer service and a warranty in order to make it a worry-free purchase
  • At the end of your 12 months, you can renew your membership via the WHOOP app


  • WHOOP recommends a daily sleep target and provides a detailed view of how much time you spend in every sleep stage. Use Sleep Coach to select the best sleep and wake times and set a vibrating alarm so you wake up ready to perform
  • By analyzing key metrics that indicate overall health, like heart rate variability (HRV) and resting heart rate (RHR), WHOOP provides you with a daily recovery score to help you understand when you should rest or when you should push yourself
  • WHOOP tracks workouts automatically and provides a detailed breakdown of your heart rate, calories burned, and duration. Use Strain Coach to get personalized guidance on an optimal daily exertion goal
  • Track and log your daily behaviors like diet, alcohol consumption, stress levels, caffeine intake, and more with the WHOOP Journal. WHOOP then calculates which habits help or hurt your sleep and recovery most, making it easier to stick with healthy habits
  • Monitor metrics like heart rate, respiratory rate, resting heart rate, heart rate variability, skin temperature, and blood oxygen levels with Health Monitor. Get alerts when you deviate beyond what’s normal for you, which could be a sign of illness or other factors
  • Get a weekly report that covers changes to your sleep patterns and activity. Dive into a highly personalized monthly readout of which behaviors help your recovery most
  • Unlike other wearables, WHOOP launches new features and functionality you can enjoy instantly as a benefit of your membership


  • WHOOP has been validated in lab studies and with third-party testing. 5 LEDs and 4 photodiodes capture your data continuously to deliver best-in-class accuracy
  • Your WHOOP comes with a free Onyx band, but you can personalize your look and choose from multiple color combinations – including different band and clasp color options
  • WHOOP can be charged while you’re wearing it for no interruption in data collection. The wireless, waterproof* battery pack lasts up to 5 days on a single charge
  • Can’t wear something on your wrist for work – or for your workouts? WHOOP can be worn in WHOOP Body apparel, including shorts, sports bras, and more, or slip your WHOOP into bicep bands or arm sleeves for full flexibility and range of motion


  • Now WHOOP gives you daily insights about your stress, and science-backed techniques to help manage it
  • Stress Monitor measures your HRV and heart rate to calculate a personalized stress score from 0 to 3.Based on your score, you can choose a breathwork session to increase your alertness for performance or increase relaxation in a stressful moment


  • Strength Trainer fills a critical gap in the wearables space by quantifying both cardiovascular and muscular load for a comprehensive view of your training and overall Strain, allowing you to train more effectively and efficiently
  • Strength Trainer tracks exercises, reps, and weight usage to quantify your muscular load and strain on your musculoskeletal system, either from building your own workout or choosing from pre-built options by some of the best trainers and athletes in the world


  • Powered by OpenAI, WHOOP Coach takes an in-depth knowledge of your goals, your unique biometric data, and the latest performance science to deliver personalized guidance on demand
  • WHOOP will coach you based on your body and your goals, providing individualized advice, insights, workout recommendations, nutrition coaching, fitness plans, and more


  • You control your data, and all of your information is kept secure and confidential. Choose to export 30 or 180-day health data trends to share with your coach, trainer, PT, or physician
  • Track your menstrual cycle to adjust your sleep and training based on where you are in your cycle
  • WHOOP connects to your favorite health and fitness apps like Strava and Apple Health Kit for a holistic view of your health
  • Share and compare your stats for friendly competition with friends, family, teammates, and more by joining a WHOOP Team


  • Initial 12 month membership
  • Hardware
  • Onyx SuperKnit Accessory Band
  • Battery Pack 4.0
  • 24/7 customer support
  • 1 year warranty


  • *WHOOP 4.0 is IP68 dustproof and water-resistant up to 10 meters for 2 hours
  • *WHOOP 4.0 Battery Pack is IP68 dustproof and water-resistant up to 1 meter for 2 hours
  • Country of Origin : Imported
  • Brand : WHOOP
  • SKU: 24181147


Item Dimensions LxWxH7.1 x 1.1 x 0.4 inches
Brand NameWHOOP
Warranty DescriptionLifetime warranty
Included ComponentsInitial 12-month WHOOP membership, 4.0 hardware, Onyx SuperKnit band, and wearable, waterproof battery pack.
Sport TypeExercise & Fitness
Hand OrientationAmbidextrous
Standing screen display size4 Inches