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Black Diamond Storm 500 Rechargeable Headlamp



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Black Diamond Storm 500 Rechargeable Headlamp

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  • Extremely Waterproof
  • High-Efficiency High-Power Light Very Bright, But Not Overwhelmingly So
  • Eliminates Clicking Through Options to Get to Desired Brightness Level
  • Allows Seeing in the Distance
  • Multi-Option Settings
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  • Weight: 100 g
  • IPX Water Rating: 7


  • Extremely waterproof design rated at IPX7, indicating the ability to rest submerged in water for up to 30 minutes, offering powerful survival skills if drenched from rain or dropped in deep puddle
  • Engineered to produce powerful amounts of radiance from a small lens size, offering multifaceted optical efficiency lens technology in extremely high-power 500 lumen brightness, halfway to the triple zeroes for several times more illumination than the average flashlight, easier for the eyes to handle compared to lumens that surpass the thousands while bright enough to outshine hard-to-see flashlights
  • Turns on again at same brightness setting using memory, eliminating tiresome click-through of every brightness level available to get to comfortable lighting, allowing quick on-and-go when taking on bike rides and hikes, and enabling personalized feel by accommodating self-chosen light preference
  • Settings include full strength in proximity and distance modes to see far away and get an idea of surroundings ahead, allowing wearer to know what direction to go in if in unfamiliar territory, or allowing more comfort in darkness, while proximity mode provides bright up-close view
  • Settings feature dimming, strobe, lock mode, and red, green, and blue night-vision, offering non-blinding easy-on-the-eyes night-seeing lights and dimmer lights to avoid hurting eyes, a notice-me option for s