Sawyer 32 fl. oz. Water Squeeze Filter

Product Information

Give yourself clean and safe water to drink anywhere you go with the Sawyer® 32 fl. oz. Water Squeeze™ Filter. Take this lightweight and easily collapsible pouch to any lake or river, place the filter on the pouch, and drink from the filter. The filter comes with a simple push/pull cap that makes it very easy to operate. Sawyer's proprietary hollow fiber membrane filters make it impossible for bacteria to get through to you.


  • Portable water filter
  • Extremely lightweight and versatile
  • Weight: 3 oz.
  • Rolls up when not filled to take up very little space in your pack
  • Filter features an easy-to-use push/pull cap
  • Includes one 32 oz. pouch
  • Life expectancy of filter: 1 million gallons
  • Easy to use
  • Fill up the pouch at a lake, river or stream
  • Screw the filter onto the pouch
  • Drink directly from the filter or attach to most threaded water bottles (including 2L bottles)
  • Proprietary hollow fiber membrane filter
  • Certified for ABSOLUTE microns, making it impossible for harmful bacteria to pass through
  • For maximum effectiveness and to extend the life of your filter, Sawyer recommends back flushing after each outing
  • Includes:

  • One lightweight and durable collapsible, reusable pouch
  • Sawyer® 0.10 Absolute Micro Hollow Fiber Member Screw On/Off Water Filter
  • Replaceable pop-up drinking spout
  • Cleaning syringe
  • Model: SP129
  • Brand : Sawyer
  • Country of Origin : United States of America
  • SKU: 14261551