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Explore Women's Windbreakers at Public Lands

Whether you're hiking or camping, a windbreaker helps you enjoy the outdoors on windy days. At Public Lands, you'll find windbreakers packed with extra features, including lightweight, waterproof and insulated windbreakers for women.

Do You Need a Wind-Resistant Windbreaker or a Windproof Style?

Wind-resistant styles are designed to block most of the wind you encounter. Since they don't block all of the wind, they're recommended for short-term use.

If you live in a windy area, a windproof windbreaker is recommended. Windproof styles block all of the wind, and they'll keep you much more comfortable on the windiest days.

Do You Need a Lightweight Windbreaker or a Packable Windbreaker?

Lightweight windbreakers are less bulky than regular windbreakers. They're ideal for regular wear while you're out and about in your hometown.

If you travel regularly, you may want to consider buying a packable windbreaker. Normally, packable windbreakers have an attached bag, and you can fold the entire windbreaker into the bag for storage. Packable windbreakers save lots of space in your suitcase.

Water-Resistant vs Waterproof

Water-resistant windbreakers keep you dry in light rain, so they're perfect for short walks on windy, misty days. For heavier downpours, opt for a waterproof windbreaker to stay dry.

What Other Special Features Might Help You?

While most windbreakers include hoods, you'll find some with stowable hoods. With a stowable hood, you can fold the hood up into an attached bag on the windbreaker. This may be helpful if you rarely use the hood.

If you live in a colder area, you may want to consider an insulated windbreaker. These windbreakers are much warmer than uninsulated styles, so they may be able to double as light winter coats.

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