Trolling Combos

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Explore Trolling Combos at Public Lands

Whether you’re floating across a placid lake or moving over the ocean, you need the best fishing gear. Trolling combos will do the job. You'll find excellent options for any sort of trolling at Public Lands.

Trolling Rods and Reels

These rods and reels are specifically built for fishing from moving boats. You can also troll from land, though that requires special techniques.

Trolling gear is strong because it has to be. When you’re reeling in a giant fish on rough water, weak rods and reels simply won’t do.

Why Combos Are Great

First, combos are usually easier on the wallet. The price of a rod alone can easily reach several hundred dollars. Combos, even the more expensive ones, will cost less than separate rods and reels of equivalent quality.

Second, they relieve you of research duty. Making sure a rod and reel work well together requires experience and expertise. With combos, knowledgeable professionals matchmake a rod and reel so that you don’t have to.


Power determines just how big the fish you catch can be. The more a rod refuses to bend under pressure, the higher its power levels.

For larger fish, you’ll need medium-heavy or heavy power. Light and medium-light power are excellent for smaller fish. Medium power offers the most versatility.


If you want to cast long distances, you’ll also want a longer rod. However, long rods can be uncomfortable for shorter individuals. Short rods help avoid overhead obstacles.

Once you have all your fishing gear, you’ll need a place to put it. Our tackle storage options make organization and transport a cinch.