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Find the Perfect Tackle Box at Public Lands

Take a Trip With Tackle Boxes

Fishing is simultaneously refreshing and calming, but you can't enjoy it without a good tackle box. To choose the perfect tackle box from Public Lands, think about your specific needs.

Hard vs. Soft

The most basic types of tackle boxes are hard vs. soft. A hard tackle box looks similar to a toolbox.

Hard tackle boxes are the most traditional option. This style is ideal if you want a container that will last for years. They'll also help protect your stuff from splashes, and they're easy to wipe clean.

These are significantly more durable than their softer cousins. Hard tackle boxes also have storage trays with numerous compartments, so they're great if you're an organization enthusiast.

Soft tackle boxes are actually tackle bags. These are useful if you want something lightweight although hard tackle boxes aren't always heavy.

Soft tackle boxes are also more comfortable to carry. On the other hand, many aren't water resistant. Some anglers think they make organization more difficult.


How much gear do you want to carry? The size of your tackle box should depend on the answer to that question.

Small tackle boxes might be fine for some purposes. For other situations, like catching fish that respond to large lures, you might want more storage. A larger tackle box also lets you store backup supplies.

Other Factors

Regardless of which tackle box you choose, make sure it's waterproof. It's difficult to entirely avoid getting tackle boxes wet.

Last but not least, look into the materials that prospective tackle boxes are made of. Some are more durable than others.