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    Jetboil Flash Java Kit


    WAS: $144.99*

      Jetboil Zip Cooking System


      WAS: $99.99*

        Eureka! SPRK+ Camp Stove


        WAS: $69.99*

          Eureka! Ignite Camp Stove


          WAS: $124.99*

            Jetboil Stash Cooking System


            WAS: $149.99*

            • Camo
            • Carbon
            Jetboil Flash Cooking System


            WAS: $129.99*

            • Adventure
            • Camo
            • Carbon
            • Sunset
            Jetboil MiniMo Cooking System


            WAS: $169.99*

              Snow Peak BiPod Stove


              WAS: $118.95*

                BioLite CampStove 2+ Stove

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                WAS: $149.99*

                Explore Camping Stoves at Public Lands

                Camping stoves are essential for making delicious meals in the great outdoors. This guide will help you choose the camping stove that suits you best at Public Lands.

                What Stove Style Do You Need?

                Public Lands sells freestanding stoves and portable stoves. Usually, freestanding stoves have multiple burners, and they're ideal if you're cooking meals for family and friends at your campsite.

                If you're going on an extended camping trip or a solo adventure, you might prefer to use a portable stove. Generally, most portable stoves will have only one burner, so they're best for camping with one or two people.

                Many of the portable stoves at Public Lands are lightweight, and some are designed to fold up into a cup-like container. On some models, the bottom cover doubles as a bowl.

                What Ignition Type Suits You Best?

                Most camping stoves feature manual or push-button ignition. Manual ignition requires you to use matches. With push-button ignition, you can light your stove by pushing a button or turning a dial.

                Many campers enjoy the convenience of push-button ignition, but it tends to be more expensive than manual ignition. Since buttons can fail, it's recommended that you still bring matches and lighters on your trip.

                How Much Power Do You Need for Your Stove?

                BTUs (British thermal units) are used to measure the amount of power that a particular stove can produce. Stoves with higher BTU measurements are more powerful than those with lower measurements.

                For trips with one to four people, a stove with 10,000 BTUs or less per burner is suitable. For larger groups, a stove with 20,000 BTUs per burner will greatly decrease cooking time.

                After you've chosen your camping stove, stick around to browse camping cookware, camping furniture and tents!