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BOTE Wulf Aero 11'4" Stand Up Paddle Board

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BOTE Easyrider Kayak Paddle Board

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Do you want to relax on a lake, or will you go wild on ocean waves? Either way, there's a stand-up paddle board for you. Before you purchase one, consider what you'll need for your unique adventures.

Weight Capacity

Choose a paddle board that can carry your own weight plus a little extra. Your gear could weigh it down more than you'd expect.


If you prioritize maneuverability, you'll want a short stand-up paddle board. Paddle boards for young children should also be short. Because kids weigh so much less than adults, long boards can interfere with their balance.

However, long paddle boards are the fastest option. Though they lack maneuverability, they make it easy to zip along in a straight line. Choose this type to go long distances.

Go for a medium length to get some of the benefits of both long and short stand-up paddle boards.

Special Features

Inflatable paddle boards are easy to transport, so they're ideal if you plan to hike to the water. They're excellent for relaxing on placid lakes, but they're also good at handling bumps in rushing rivers. Beginners often prefer them because they won't bang you up if you fall over.

Hard-shell boards are helpful for racing though inflatable boards can speed along pretty well on still water. However, if the water is choppy, inflatable options flex too much to match the speed of hard shells.

Boards with built-in carry handles add a dash of convenience to your adventures.

Ordering a board that already includes paddles can save you from analysis paralysis. Instead of worrying about countless options, you'll know that your paddles and board are a perfect match.