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    Googan Squad Gold Series Spinning Rod

    $79.99 - $129.97

    WAS: $159.99*

      Favorite Fishing Defender Spinning Rod (2021)

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      WAS: $109.99*

        Okuma Celilo Specialty "B" Spinning Rod

        $39.97 - $69.99

        WAS: $39.99 - $69.99*

        Explore Spinning Rods at Public Lands

        When you want to cast a light lure as far as possible, a spinning rod will do the trick. That’s not their only strength though. Public Lands has curated a fantastic collection of spinning rods for you to choose from.


        Though spinning rods can be pretty powerful, they are generally not the most powerful option. However, these rods have other strengths that you can lean into.

        With fishing rods, "power" refers to the weight that a rod can handle for fish, lure, and line. The more powerful the rod, the more resistance it puts up when bending. Higher levels of resistance help you catch bigger fish.

        Because spinning rods are often best for lighter lures and fish, most have light or medium power. Ultralight rods are the least powerful, but that's what you want when seeking small fish.

        Light rods are slightly more powerful. Medium rods, however, are likely to give you the best bang for your buck. Medium rods are the most popular and versatile, but medium-heavy options are also quite versatile.


        "Action" describes where a rod bends in response to pressure. This feature dramatically impacts control and casting distance. Rod action typically falls into one of three categories: slow, moderate, or fast.

        Fast action rods only bend at the upper tip while the rest of the rod stays rigid. These rods bounce back to the original position faster than others. They’re also far more sensitive than other rods, so you’ll feel a fish’s nibble no matter what.

        Rods with moderate action bend throughout the top half. They can get lures farther out, but they’re less sensitive. Slow action rods bend the most, so they cast farthest of all.