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If you're a bass angler, you're no doubt familiar with spinnerbaits and buzzbaits. They're good for catching more than bass, though. Browse Public Lands' collection to find the perfect bait for your fishing adventure.

Spinnerbaits and Buzzbaits — What They Share

Both types of bait look very similar. In addition to having heads, they have blades that create appealing combinations of sound and movement. Each style is excellent for attracting predatory fish.


Spinnerbait blades are essentially spoons, and those spoons work like propellers once they're in the water. These baits are pretty versatile.

You can use them as topwater lures, but they also work well deeper in the water. Their smooth movements can make them look like prey.

This type of bait works well in any season. It's suitable even on dark, windy days.


Buzzbaits take their name from the noise they make in water. The unique shape of buzz blades causes their buzzing sound.

These baits work best as topwater lures. As you retrieve one, its blade creates a propeller-like motion. Fish like bass might abandon their cover to see what's going on.

In hot summer weather, buzzbaits shine. Use them in calm water, or else fish might not notice their movement.


Many spinnerbait and buzzbait enthusiasts choose colors that match the prey of their fish of choice. Others prefer bright, attention-catching colors that may or may not match anything found in the local fauna.

Baits are no use without the right fishing line! Let your bait do its best by choosing from our wide selection.