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Explore Spincast Reels at Public Lands

For many longtime anglers, spincast reels summon fond memories. These are popular starter reels, so they’re perfect for anyone new to fishing. Spincasts aren’t just for kids though—they’re some of the most popular reels on the planet.

What Makes Spincast Reels Different?

Spincast reels take the top spot when it comes to ease of use. You only need to press a button to reel fish in. Releasing the button allows you to cast.

You won’t see much backlash with these reels. Because they’re closed, you’re unlikely to wind up with tangled lines.

With their convenient features, spincast reels are ideal for beginners and children. Some experienced anglers also find them useful in certain situations. Reels with high-quality materials can function much more effectively than spincast options of old.

Spincast reels do have some issues. They don’t cast as far, and they’re less accurate.

Size and Ratio

The larger the reel size, the bigger the fish you can catch. Spincast reels are typically not very big.

Gear ratio determines how many times a spool winds per complete handle turn. Lower ratios have slower retrieves. Spincast reels generally offer limited ratio options.


Spincast reels are usually less expensive than other types. Though alternatives can also be inexpensive, the price range for spincast reels doesn’t reach as high. You’d probably struggle to find one for more than $160.

If spincast reels sound right for you, a spincast combo might be even better! With combos, there’s no need to worry about whether your reel matches your rod.