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Explore Spincast Combos at Public Lands

If you don’t want to fuss with a tricky rod and reel, spincast combos are for you. Their convenience is second to none. Whether you want a combo for yourself or your child, Public Lands has what you need.

Why Spincast?

Spincast combos are the simplest to use. You can cast your line and reel fish in just by pressing and releasing a button.

Their closed reels drastically reduce the likelihood of backlash. In fact, avoiding backlash is the reason they were invented!

Why Combos?

Matching a rod to a reel can be challenging. It involves significant research, and not everyone has time for that. Even if you have the time, do you have the necessary expertise?

Without experience, it might be tough to sort through all the information out there. With a combo, an expert has already done that work for you.

Youth Combos

Many anglers’ first fishing rods and reels were spincasts. These combos are perfect for children, who might not have the ability to control trickier reels.

Though all spincast combos are pretty easy to work with, young children benefit from the ones built especially for them. Youth combos have far shorter rods than adult options. They also include pre-spooled lines.


Spincasts aren’t the most powerful options. However, modern materials and construction are changing that. With more power, you can use heavier lines to catch larger fish.

There’s something to be said for leaning into spincast combos’ natural strengths, though. One with ultralight, light, or medium light power would be excellent for catching smaller fish.

No matter which combo you choose, you’ll need to stay organized. Pick your favorite tackle storage option before heading out on your fishing expedition!