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Find the Right Snowboarding Boots at Public Lands

Choosing the correct pair of snowboarding boots is essential before hitting the slopes. While you pick one of the stellar pairs at Public Lands, keep a few things in mind.


Some snowboarding boots are rigid, but others are on the softer side. Each has benefits and drawbacks.

If you’re just starting, soft boots might be right for you. Because they don’t react immediately to every little movement, they’re more forgiving of mistakes. Even some experts use them, though—they can provide flexibility while performing certain tricks.

Stiff boots respond to your movements immediately, so longtime snowboarding enthusiasts often prefer them. However, snowboarding boots with medium stiffness provide an excellent middle ground. They respond quickly to your body, allowing finely tuned control over your snowboard, but they’re still a bit forgiving.

Lacing Systems

A few different lacing systems are available to keep your boots right where they should be—on your feet! Here are some lacing systems to consider.

The BOA lacing system uses steel wires attached to dials to adjust your boots’ tightness. This style is exceptionally secure, and you can get your fit precisely how you like it. It’s also easy to readjust the laces one-handed or with gloved hands.

Quick-lace systems have handles you can pull to tighten the laces. Of course, traditional laces are also an option. However, they come undone more easily than any of the other systems.

Children who are learning to tie their shoelaces will need something different. Velcro systems, for example, are great for children.

To reach peak performance, your boots need the right accessories. Make sure to grab a pair of winter socks before heading out on your adventures!