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Explore Sit-On-Top Kayaks at Public Lands

Shop a great selection of sit-on-top kayaks at Public Lands. These kayaks are favorites among families, kids and any anglers. Choose from trusted brands like Lifetime, Perception and more.

Why Choose a Sit-on-top?

The distinguishing feature of sit-on-top kayaks is the open cockpit. This has several benefits:

  • Sit-on-tops are simple to enter and to exit.
  • They’re easy to get out of if the kayak flips.
  • You won’t feel constricted.
  • They have high primary stability, which means that they’re extra stable on calm water.

All of those features combine to make this kayak style beginner-friendly. Families, especially families with small children or pets, will usually have more fun with this style.

These kayaks are also great for fishing. First, they allow a wider range of movement. Second, their on-top storage area makes fishing supplies easier to access.

In hot weather, the open cockpit’s total ventilation keeps you cool. This type of kayak has scupper holes for water drainage.


With sit-on-tops, you will definitely get splashed. These aren’t ideal for cold water.

Usually, they’re less speedy than sit-in kayaks.

Weight Capacity

Check a kayak’s weight capacity before purchasing. Some can hold up to 600 pounds, but most don’t. Pick a kayak that can hold your weight, the weight of any other passenger, and all your gear.

Carry Weight

Sit-on-top kayaks can weigh anywhere from under 30 pounds to over 100 pounds. This variance could be the difference between carrying one on your own versus enlisting a buddy to help.

Hardshell vs. Inflatable

Hardshell kayaks are more durable, but inflatables can fit into backpacks. Many people find inflatable versions comfier.

Remember to protect your gear from splashes with a dry bag or case. If a sit-on-top kayak doesn’t sound like what you want, check out our sit-in kayaks.