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Explore Sit-In Kayaks at Public Lands

For a watercraft that feels like an extension of your body, pick a sit-in kayak. This watercraft allows a great deal of control and versatility for experienced kayakers. Those are just the beginning of these kayaks’ great features.

Why Pick a Sit-in Kayak?

Because of their closed cockpits, sit-in kayaks have a lot to offer:

  • The space that holds your legs also holds in heat, providing insulation.
  • Enclosed cockpits protect you from splashes.
  • You can use them comfortably in cold weather.
  • They have extra storage space.
  • As compact options, they typically weigh less than sit-on-top versions.

With your legs safely nestled inside the cockpit, they also offer balance and agility on rough water.

Sit-in kayaks are harder to exit if you get flipped. However, skilled kayakers can use body movement to get themselves right side up.

Despite its greater storage capacity, that storage might be more difficult to access quickly. If you’re using your kayak primarily to travel long distances, that might not matter.

Recreation vs. Fishing

Fishing kayaks come with rod holders, and they’re usually wider than recreational options.

Carry Weight

Some sit-in kayaks weigh less than 30 pounds, but most weigh somewhere between 40 and 70 pounds. In contrast, sit-on-tops can weigh over 100 pounds.


Sit-in kayaks often have additional features that you might like:

  • Adjustable foot braces give you control over where precisely your feet will rest.
  • Built-in carry handles make transportation easier.
  • Cup holders prevent your water from rolling around.

Once you get your kayak, don’t forget to grab a paddle!

Sit-in kayaks are perfect for certain purposes, but they’re not right for everyone. If you’re looking for something different, check out our sit-on-top kayaks.