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Explore the Best Outdoor Games at Public Lands

Both kids and adults benefit from play �ņ especially outdoors. To make sure outdoor games are fun for everyone, choose your games carefully, or pick a variety of options to cover all your bases.

Skill Level

You might be a super-sporty outdoor game enthusiast, but are your friends and family? Keep your pals' physical skills in mind when picking games.

It's a good idea to choose a range of games to suit all skill levels. Table tennis could delight experienced players while frustrating novices. The opposite might be true of games like cornhole.

Number of Players

Some games accommodate just a couple of players, and others accommodate multiple large teams. Pick a game that won't leave people on the sidelines. Bocce is an exceptionally versatile choice.

Complicated Rules vs. Simple Rules

Outdoor game newbies probably don't want to memorize a long list of rules. Consider the knowledge levels of your friends and family so that they can have effortless fun. On the other hand, you might excite expert players by choosing more complex games.

Physical Ability

No matter what someone's physical abilities are, they can still enjoy outdoor games. For those with serious limitations, activities like outdoor chess are a blast. Besides, working out your brain is just as important as working out your body.

Standard chess sets aren't always suitable for outdoor games, especially on breezy days. Outdoor sets are different, though: They come with magnetic boards and pieces.

Special Features of Outdoor Games

It might be tempting to bring an indoor game outside. However, outdoor games have different features. They tend to be portable and water-resistant.

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