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Explore Kids' Windbreakers at Public Lands

Finding the Perfect Kids' Windbreakers

From windy days on the playground to chilly mornings waiting for the bus, windbreakers keep your child comfortable. At Public Lands, you can choose windbreakers with hoods and special features, including packable and reflective windbreakers.

Why Does Your Child Need a Windbreaker?

Windbreakers are made of lightweight fabrics that are very stretchy. Compared to rain jackets, windbreakers can give your child more freedom of movement. Usually, windbreakers are less bulky than rain jackets, so they're easier to pack in your child's backpack.

Windbreakers provide excellent protection from light and strong winds. In addition, they're able to withstand splashes and light rain. They are versatile enough to work for both windy days and misty days.

Wind-resistant or Windproof?

Wind-resistant windbreakers are ideal for protection from light to moderate winds. Generally, wind-resistant fabrics are more breathable than windproof fabrics.

With a wind-resistant windbreaker, your child may sweat less than they would with a windproof one. If your child does use a windbreaker for strenuous exercise, a wind-resistant option may be the most comfortable.

Windproof fabrics are made to completely block the wind. They'll prevent the warm air between your child and their clothing from being replaced by cold air. If your child does wear a windbreaker in heavy wind, a windproof windbreaker will provide optimal protection.

Special Features to Consider

Windbreakers with hoods may keep your child more comfortable in wind and light rain. Packable windbreakers are ideal for regular use, and they're easy for your child to pack on their own. Water-resistant windbreakers provide added protection from the rain.

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