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Choosing the Best Systems Jacket for Your Child

Choosing the Best Kids' Systems Jackets for Your Child

A systems jacket from Public Lands will keep your child warm and dry on any outdoor adventure. You can select from a variety of systems jackets for every budget and style.

What Are Systems Jackets?

Most systems jackets are 3-in-1 jackets. These jackets have two layers that your child can join or separate with a zipper. One of the layers is a non-insulated shell layer, and the other is an insulated layer.

Depending on the weather, your child can wear one or both layers, creating up to three different jackets. Usually, it's cheaper to buy a 3-in-1 systems jacket than it is to purchase the layers separately.

How Can a Systems Jacket Help Your Child?

In the great outdoors, dressing in layers is essential for maintaining body temperature. Systems jackets make layering quick and easy for your child.

Generally, systems jackets offer a better fit than your child would get by mixing separate layers from different brands. With a better fit, your child may have more freedom of movement and better protection from the weather.

With several layers of protection, systems jackets are ideal for a wide range of outdoor activities. Many systems jackets are designed for skiing and snow sports. Your child can wear his or her systems jacket for winter walks and school playground time too.

What Are the Special Features of Systems Jackets?

Many systems jackets for kids are made with a special design that grows with your child. With this design, your child can continue to wear the jacket through growth spurts and multiple winter seasons. Some systems jackets feature pockets for ski goggles, and many have hoods that can be worn with ski helmets.

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