Kids' Down Jackets & Insulated Jackets

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  • Forge Grey/Noble Grey
  • Passage Blue
  • Planet Pink
  • Wax Red
  • Black
Patagonia Boys' Nano Puff Jacket

$82.99 - $119.00

WAS: $119.00*

  • Flower Power
  • Mountaineer
  • Rabbit Hole
  • Sunburn
Cotopaxi Kids' Teca Fleece Jacket

$54.97 - $75.00

WAS: $75.00*

  • Belay Blue
  • Burl Red
  • Northern Green
  • Wavy Blue
  • New Navy
  • Black
Patagonia Youth Down Sweater Jacket

$110.97 - $139.00

WAS: $139.00*

  • Optic Blue Mntn Trvrse P
  • Smt Gld Pnt Ltnt Sm Prnt
  • Boysenberry
  • TNF Black
The North Face Boy's Freedom Insulated Jacket

$148.97 - $175.00

WAS: $175.00*

  • Terrazzo
  • Amethyst
  • Bright Blue
  • Darkest Spruce
Helly Hansen Girls' Stellar Jacket

$113.97 - $190.00

WAS: $190.00*

Explore Kids' Down Jackets at Public Lands

Down jackets are known for being lightweight and providing exceptional warmth. From the school playground to the ski slopes, a down jacket will keep your child cozy and comfortable. At Public Lands, you'll find down jackets in many different styles and colors.

When you shop for a down jacket, consider the fill power, construction, and special features of the jacket.

Which Fill Power Is Right for Your Child's Needs?

Fill power is a measurement of the loft and insulating properties of down. It ranges from 400 up to 900. Higher fill power numbers are an indication of higher quality.

For example, down with a fill power of 600 is better than down with a fill power of 500. When down with a high fill power is used, your jacket will be lighter and easier to compress.

How Is the Jacket Constructed?

Most down jackets are made by sewing through the outer fabric to the inner fabric. This creates chambers between the stitches, and it's known as the "sewn-through" method. There's no additional fabric, so these types of jackets tend to be the lightest of all down jackets.

With the box baffle technique, an extra layer of fabric is added to separate the chambers of down. These jackets are heavier than sewn-through styles.

Heat-seamed jackets are made by using heat to bond the outer and inner layers of fabric together. Since there aren't any stitches, heat-seamed jackets are ideal for retaining warmth. They tend to be more water-resistant than other jackets, too.

What Special Features Does Your Child Need?

If your child gets particularly cold, you might want to consider a jacket with pockets that are zippered and lined. Jackets with cuffed wrists help to maintain warmth, too. A hood with faux fur will add style and warmth.

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