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  • Azure Fusion
  • Lemongrass Fusion
  • Sunset
Quest Canyon 100 Kayak

$179.99 - $299.99

WAS: $299.99*

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  • Breeze Blue
  • Galaxy
  • Midnight
Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 Kayak

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WAS: $1219.99*

  • Mango
Wilderness Systems Single Pungo 105 Kayak

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WAS: $1119.99*

  • Cyan Deep Blue
  • Fade Apple Citrine/White
  • Fade Deep Blue White
  • Fade Magenta White
  • Cyan/Black
Pelican Bandit NXT 100 Kayak


WAS: $349.99*

  • Mango
Wilderness Systems Tarpon 140 Kayak

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WAS: $1319.00*

  • Aqua
  • Midnight
Wilderness Systems Single Recon 120 HD Kayak

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WAS: $2819.99*

Explore Kayaks at Public Lands

Kayaks Bring Your Adventure to the Water

Whether you want to float over a placid lake or go wild in a rushing river, there's a perfect kayak for you. Public Lands offers kayaks from high-quality brands like Oru, Perception, Wilderness Systems and more.

All kayaks fit into one of two categories: sit-on-top or sit-inside.


Sit-on-top kayaks are great for beginners. Because their tops are open and unrestrictive, they're simple to hop in and out of. Watch out for splashing, though — open tops leave you exposed to wind and water!

Sit-on-tops are usually on the broader side, lending them extra stability. These kayaks are favorites of anglers, who can use them to explore watery areas that bigger boats could never reach. They're fantastic for casual exploration or relaxation on calm waters.


Sit-inside kayaks have closed cockpits, which means your legs will stay below deck. With your legs covered, you have more protection from wind and water. These kayaks also usually have more storage space.

When you see someone navigating a rushing river in a kayak, you'll notice they're using a sit-inside style.

Other Considerations

There's more to choosing a kayak than deciding whether you want a sit-on-top or sit-inside style.

  • Cost: To spend less on a kayak, go inflatable. Inflatable kayaks come in various styles, but they tend to cost far less than other types.
  • Portability: Kayaks can be difficult to transport. To make it easier, choose an inflatable kayak or a foldable kayak.
  • Capacity: If you want company on the water, a tandem kayak is the right choice.

Once you've chosen the perfect kayak, make sure to get the right accessories! Keep your kayak on track with a quality paddle from Public Lands. To protect other supplies on the water, check out dry bags and cases.