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Explore Jar Baits at Public Lands

The wonderful world of baits is expansive, but jar baits keep it simple. Many species of fish go wild for them. Public Lands will keep you supplied with all the jar baits you need.


There are a few different categories of jar baits.

Dough baits come in molded and unmolded forms. When pre-molded, you can pop them straight onto hooks. Many anglers prefer to shape the bait themselves, though.

Egg baits look like fish eggs. They're often colorful to attract attention. To use them, you need to wrap them in spawn nets.

Preserved baits are composed of actual creatures. You'll find preserved fish, chicken livers, and more.


Most jar baits are scented. Smells expand the strike zone by grabbing fish's attention even in murky water. Shrimp, grasshopper, and chicken blood scents are common options.

You can still make unscented baits smell delicious to fish. Attractant sprays are available in a wide variety of scents.

Glitter is another feature that you'll see. It works well for catching a fish's eye at a distance.

Compared to other options, jar baits are easier to keep organized. Just pop your jars into a bag or box, and you're ready to go.

Choosing a Jar Bait

Different fish prefer different jar baits. Manufacturers will often mention which fish a given bait works best for.

Also, consider weight. Do you want your bait to sit atop the water, or should it sink to the bottom?

Even though jar baits are easy to pack, you still need to keep them secure. Check out our many tackle storage options!