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  • Northern Secret
  • Elegy Bone
  • French Pearl OB
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  • Megabass Sexy Shad
  • MG Wakasagi II
Megabass Vision 110 Junior Jerkbait

$19.99 - $23.99

WAS: $23.99*

  • Bone
  • Golden Shiner
  • Tennessee Shad
  • Threadfin Shad
Fish Lab BBZ Shad Crankbait


WAS: $16.99*

Norisada Blade Bait 5/8 oz.

$3.99 - $6.99

WAS: $4.19 - $6.99*


Explore Hard Baits at Public Lands

When you want fish to notice your bait regardless of circumstances, hard baits are for you. Select one of the options from Public Lands to catch fish after fish.

Basics of Hard Baits

Hard baits are composed of either plastic or wood. Plastic is by far the more common option.

They create noise both when hitting the water and while moving through it. Part of that is simply because they’re hard. Manufacturers often add extra noise-making features though.

Many of these baits, like crankbaits and jerk baits, look like prey fish. Some of those have jointed tails to make them look more natural.

Other lures, like jigs, rarely have features that a human would recognize as genuinely prey-like. Nonetheless, they can trick fish when anglers wiggle them correctly.

When Hard Baits Are Best

When you need to grab a fish’s attention, a hard bait is just the thing. Hard baits’ splashiness and noise profiles make them hard to miss — even from a distance.

This trait is especially important if you’re unsure where fish are located. Noisy baits are also helpful in murky water, allowing fish to sense lures despite poor visibility.

If fish are aggressive, they’re likely to snap up hard baits without trepidation. Nonetheless, even mild-mannered fish might find hard baits attractive if anglers know how to twitch the lures with skill.

Hard baits are easier to cast farther, keeping you out of any fish’s line of sight. That reduces your chance of spooking fish. It’s also useful for catching fish that stay low in the water.

No matter what kind of bait you choose, you’ll need to store it correctly. Grab one of our tackle boxes or bags to keep your lures perfectly organized.