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ENO TechNest Hammock


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Grand Trunk Hammock Straps


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    Grand Trunk Tree Slings


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    Explore Hammocks at Public Lands

    Hammocks conjure images of relaxation, of swaying gently on warm summer days. They can be an excellent alternative to other outdoor sleeping options. Various hammocks excel in different areas, so consider the little details while choosing one from Public Lands.


    Hammocks weigh less than air mattresses or cots. Some are weighed in ounces rather than pounds. If you want to pack light, this option is a boon.

    Before you pick one, make sure that it will accommodate your height. Hammocks aren’t known for keeping tall nature lovers comfortable, but some fit people who are taller than 6 feet.

    Weight is also a concern, so check weight limits. Many hammocks can support up to 400 pounds though specialized hammocks can support even more. Versions meant for sharing should hold higher weights.

    In what sort of weather will you use your hammock? Though they aren’t suitable for extreme weather, you might still wish to use one on chilly days. Quilted options are ideal for preventing cold spots.

    Breathable hammocks are necessary for the summer. You’ll also probably want a quick-drying version in case of unexpected rain.

    Attached storage pockets add an extra dash of convenience.

    Though hammocks leave you exposed to the environment, you can choose accessories to fix some issues. For instance, surrounding your hammock in a bug net can keep your nap bug-free.

    If you have back issues — or just prefer sleeping on flat surfaces — you’re not out of luck. Some hammocks are flatter than others.

    Suspension Systems

    Suspension systems can come with a variety of features. Here are a few:

    • No-knot setup
    • Increased strap width to protect trees
    • Reflective stitching

    As with hammocks themselves, check a suspension system’s weight limit before purchase.