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Explore Fly Boxes at Public Lands

Fishing should be an escape from the typical frustrations of everyday life. Without the right fly box, your day on the water could take a stressful turn. Public Lands offers multiple options to accommodate anyone's fly organization needs.

Slits vs. Compartments

Fly boxes with rows of slits are a popular choice because they hold flies securely. Not all flies need that extra security, though.

Boxes with compartments hold flies loosely, allowing the flies to bounce around a bit. Because each item has more space, these containers are a good choice for easily crushed flies.

When you open compartment boxes, be careful: Your flies aren't attached to anything, so they could fall out.


Some boxes have slits or compartments that are just too small for certain flies. On the other hand, excessively large compartments make it hard to keep track of tiny flies.

Before ordering a box, check its width and length. If you choose a compartment box, make sure the individual compartments are the correct size, too.

Magnetic Fly Boxes

If you want to store very small flies, like midges, you might prefer a magnetic box. It will keep your flies secure with less effort on your part. You don't even have to position your flies carefully; you can simply drop them in the box.


Fly boxes come with either opaque or transparent lids. Many anglers prefer the latter type, which protects their flies from the elements without impacting visibility.

Lid security is another vital feature. Magnets or snaps help lids stay closed even when you bounce your box around.

Multiple Boxes

Expert anglers tend to own multiple fly boxes. If you have a diverse collection of flies, picking more than one container might be the right choice.