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    Explore Fishing Weights & Sinkers at Public Lands

    Fishing weights and sinkers help you sink your bait deep enough in the water to catch the fish you want. In general, fishing sinkers are the same as fishing weights, and you'll see both terms used interchangeably. Before you select your fishing weights, take the time to consider the questions below.

    How Much Weight Do You Need?

    You'll need a heavier fishing weight when you fish for flounder, catfish and other bottom-dwelling fish. However, it's important not to use more weight than you need. Doing so could disturb the water too much, especially if you're fishing in a pond.

    To get an idea of the right weight for your needs, take a look at your fishing rod. You can find a weight rating near the handle.

    The weight rating is given in ounces or grams. Once you have this information, you can shop for fishing weights that match the rating on your fishing rod. Fishing weights that match your rod's weight rating are most likely to help you reach the fish you want.

    What Type of Weight Will Work for You?

    Bullet weights are ideal if you're fishing in freshwater or deep water. Many people use these weights for light-line surf fishing. You may find that bullet weights are especially helpful for catching bass and catfish.

    Pyramid weights are perfect for surf fishing and bottom fishing. With their triangular shape, they stick in mud or sand, and they hold your bait in a stable position. These weights are recommended for times when you're fishing in waters with fast-moving currents.

    Keep stocking up on more gear for your next fishing trip! Check out the latest fishing rods at Public Lands, and don't forget to buy a new tackle box!