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St. Croix Mojo Bass Casting Rod (2021)
    St. Croix Mojo Bass Casting Rod (2021)

    $119.97 - $129.97

    WAS: $149.99 - $159.99*

    13 Fishing Fate Black Gen III Casting Rod
      13 Fishing Fate Black Gen III Casting Rod

      $59.99 - $84.99

      WAS: $79.99 - $84.99*

      St. Croix Imperial USA Fly Rod
        St. Croix Imperial USA Fly Rod


        WAS: $319.99 - $330.00*


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        There's nothing quite like the moment a fish bites. To get to that point, you need to choose the perfect fishing rod.


        A trolling rod allows you to fish along the back of a moving boat, dragging the lure after you. Baitcasting rods aren't necessarily the best choice for beginners, but they give advanced anglers more cast control.

        Fly fishing rods are highly flexible, and they're good for catching fish with artificial lures. Spinning rods are also relatively easy to control. They're less likely to tangle than some other options.


        Fishing rods can range anywhere from 4 to 14 feet, and each length has benefits and drawbacks. A longer rod lets you cast farther out, but it's also harder to control.

        A shorter rod is easier to manage, but it can't reach nearly as far. These rods have more power, so they're often necessary if you're looking to catch huge fish.


        Action describes the bendability of your rod: Where does it bend and how much?

        Fast action rods bend near the tip, and they're very strong. You can immediately and easily feel a fish nibble with these. They're ideal for catching large fish.

        For a bend in the middle of the pole, you'll want a medium-action rod. You'll receive pretty good feedback from these, and you can cast them a reasonable distance. Additionally, they're a bit slower, so they give fish more time to bite.

        Slow action rods, which are entirely bendable, demand more effort when reeling in fish.

        Even the best rod won’t help you without accessories. Organize your things with one of our tackle storage options before heading out.