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    Seaguar Blue Label Saltwater Fluorocarbon Leader

    $11.99 - $49.99

    WAS: $12.49 - $49.99*

    Explore Fishing Leaders at Public Lands

    Fishing leaders are lines that you tie between the main fishing line and the hook, fly or lure. Used extensively in fly fishing, leaders are also beneficial for catching fish that have sharp teeth. Leaders can conceal your fishing line so that fish aren't able to see it as easily.

    When you're shopping for leaders at Public Lands, you'll see that most of them are made of monofilament or fluorocarbon.

    What Can Monofilament Leaders Do for You?

    Monofilament leaders are budget-friendly leaders, and they have a lower density than fluorocarbon leaders. Generally, monofilament leaders don't sink as fast as fluorocarbon ones. If you're fly fishing with dry flies, monofilament is your best bet.

    When you choose a monofilament leader, keep in mind that it will absorb more water than fluorocarbon would. Over time, your monofilament leader might not float as well as it once did. If this happens, you may need to replace it.

    Would Fluorocarbon Leaders Benefit You?

    Water and fluorocarbons have similar refractive indices, so fluorocarbon leaders are almost invisible in the water. They're ideal in situations where you want to conceal your main fishing line as much as possible. If you're fishing for trout or other cautious fish, try using a fluorocarbon leader that's on the longer side.

    With less stretch than monofilament leaders, fluorocarbon leaders can provide a higher level of sensitivity. This means that you'll be able to detect the smallest bites much more easily. You'll have more control over your fly or lure too.

    It can be more difficult to tie knots with fluorocarbon, so you may want to practice your knots in advance.

    Public Lands has plenty of new stuff for your tackle box! Make sure you browse through the selection of fishing line and fishing hooks before you go!