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Hogy Epoxy Jig Lure

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Explore Fishing Jigs at Public Lands

Fishing jigs are exceptionally versatile, and you’ll see them in many anglers’ lure collections. While picking one, keep a few variables in mind.

Water Type

Jigs for saltwater contain tougher materials than those for freshwater. Salt is highly corrosive, so you’ll have to say goodbye to any freshwater jig covered in saltwater.


Jigs offer many weight options. Some are tiny fractions of an ounce; others might weigh an entire ounce.

Windy weather often requires heavier jigs. Weighty jigs are also necessary for catching fish at great depths.

Heavier isn’t always better, though. If it sinks too quickly, it might scare off fish. For keeping a jig near the water’s surface, a light jig is preferable.


Ideal jig length depends on the feeding habits of the fish you plan to catch. For instance, a short, round jig won’t be appealing to a fish that usually eats long, skinny prey.

In some conditions, like frigid weather, fish do get a little desperate. You might be able to get away with imperfectly sized jigs at such times.

Fish Species

To find the correct jig for a particular fish species, you can research what those fish find tasty. Alternatively, you can get a jig produced with a particular species in mind. The best pick for salmon might look very different from the right choice for bass.


Some anglers aren’t too concerned with jig color. They make the argument that light bends differently underwater, so jigs look different under the waves anyway.

While this is true, other anglers do find success with specific colors. Experimenting with color is a wise idea.

Dark jigs are excellent in murky water or dark conditions. Ironically, they create a clearer silhouette in low-light situations.