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    Eagle Claw Aberdeen Hook


    WAS: $6.99*

    Explore Fishing Hooks at Public Lands

    Fishing hooks come in an array of sizes and colors. Read on for top tips on choosing the ideal fishing hook for your next fishing trip!

    Understanding Fishing Hook Sizes

    At Public Lands, most fishing hooks are sold in standard sizes. The standard sizing system runs from #1 to #30. The largest hooks are #1 hooks, and #30 hooks are the smallest.

    When you shop at Public Lands, you can choose from standard sizes that range from #1 to #16.

    The aught sizing system is used for a few of the fishing hooks that are sold at Public Lands. The most commonly used aught sizes range from 12/0 ("12-aught") to 1/0 ("1-aught"). With this system, size 12/0 hooks are the largest, and size 1/0 hooks are the smallest.

    The aught sizes sold at Public Lands are 1/0, 2/0, and 3/0.

    Choosing Your Ideal Size

    Generally, you'll need larger hooks for catching larger fish. For catching smaller fish, choose smaller hooks.

    Make sure to consider the size of your bait when you choose your hook size. You want your hook to be large enough that it can hold your bait and hook your fish. If you're using live bait, smaller hooks will be easier to disguise than larger hooks.

    Choosing the Color of Your Fishing Hook

    Most of the fishing hooks at Public Lands are clear, making them perfect for general fishing uses. If you're fishing with live bait, black hooks may be beneficial. Yellow hooks are helpful for catching small trout, and red hooks are ideal for use with worm lures.

    Keep filling your tackle box by checking out swivels and sinkers!