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Explore Fishing Bobbers at Public Lands

Fishing bobbers attach to your fishing line. They can help you suspend your bait at a particular depth. In addition, they make it easier to see when fish are biting your bait.

Fishing bobbers are also known as fishing floats. When you shop for fishing bobbers at Public Lands, you'll want to choose an appropriate weight and style.

What's the Right Weight for Your Fishing Bobber?

Lightweight fishing bobbers are very versatile, and you can use them to fish in almost any location. At Public Lands, lightweight bobbers are sold in ounces and grams.

In certain situations, a heavier bobber may be more beneficial than a lightweight bobber. For example, heavier bobbers are recommended for wade fishing.

Choosing a heavier bobber gives you more control. With a heavier bobber, you'll be able to cast the bobber farther away than you could with a lightweight bobber. The heaviest bobbers at Public Lands are 12 pounds.

What Style Do You Need?

Round bobbers are recommended for catching smaller fish. With their simple design, they're particularly beneficial for people who are new to fishing. If you choose a round bobber, know that smaller ones tend to be more effective than larger ones.

Waggler floats are highly versatile, and they have a high level of sensitivity. They're easy to cast, and you can use them in water that's deep, shallow, fast, or slow.

Stick floats have a fixed position, and they're ideal for river fishing. If you're fishing in water that's rough or choppy, stick floats can reduce wind and water resistance.

Pole floats are small and durable, and they have a high degree of stability. They're ideally suited for fishing in rivers, lakes, and canals of any depth. They tend to be very reliable when fishing in windy conditions.

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