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    Metolius Super Chalk

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    Learn More About Climbing Chalk

    Get a Better Grip with Climbing Chalk

    What is Climbing Chalk?

    Rock climbers use climbing chalk to absorb moisture and provide extra abrasion for a better, more secure grip. Shop our full selection of climbing chalk to find options from top brands like Black Diamond, Petzl and ETHOS.

    Types of Climbing Chalk

    Climbing chalk is available in many forms. The right chalk type for you will depend on your preferences.

    • Loose Climbing Chalk is a loose powder that is usually carried in a chalk bag. This type of climbing chalk can be a fine, smooth powder or contain some small chunks of solid chalk.
    • Liquid Climbing Chalk comes in a liquid form that provides an easy, even application. This type of chalk comes in an easy-to-transport bottle.
    • Climbing Chalk Blocks are a compact block of compressed chalk that allows you to create the consistency that you prefer.

    Climbing Chalk Bags

    Climbing chalk bags make it easy to transport and bring your loose chalk powder with you on all of your adventures. Shop reusable climbing chalk bags in a variety of sizes and styles.

    Still not sure which climbing chalk is right for your next adventure? Check out our complete guide on How to Choose Climbing Chalk. Plus, gear up with everything you need to take on your next climb by checking out our collections of climbing shoes, climbing harnesses, climbing ropes and more rock climbing gear.