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Marmot Tungsten 3 Person Tent
  • Solar/Red Sun
Marmot Tungsten 3 Person Tent

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WAS: $299.99*

NEMO Wagontop 8 Person Tent
  • Goodnight Gray/Lumen
NEMO Wagontop 8 Person Tent


WAS: $799.99*

Snow Peak Amenity Dome Large
  • Orange
Snow Peak Amenity Dome Large


WAS: $499.99*

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Sky, wind, and water are beautiful to behold — but they’re not always conducive to sleeping. For a place where you can truly relax, you need a campground tent.


Some tents sleep only one person, but most accommodate at least two. You can even find tents that sleep 10 or more individuals. If you plan to fit that many people in a tent, make sure it has adequate ventilation.

Large groups might be happier with several smaller tents for privacy and comfort. On the other hand, sharing one tent is more cost effective.


Dome tents have a gently sloping shape, which makes them ideal in windy or wet weather. Gusts can pass right around them.

Cabin tents have vertical sides, creating more interior space. However, straight sides don’t stand up well to wind.


Most tents are rated for two, three, or four seasons. Two-season tents prioritize ventilation above insulation, making them perfect for warm summer weather.

Four-season tents, despite their name, are best for winter. They’re built with insulation in mind, so ventilation often takes a back seat. For something in between, a three-season tent can work well.


Will you wander afar before setting up your tent? If so, pick a lightweight option.

You can find campground tents that weigh as few as five pounds. When you plan to use the tent near your home or vehicle, a heavier option is fine.


For two or more people, you might prefer a dual-entry tent. It will add ventilation while preventing the shelter from seeming claustrophobic.

Freestanding tents provide their own structure, no stakes required. You can easily move them around in one piece. Tents with vestibules offer extra storage space and weather protection.