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          Build Your Camp Kitchen at Public Lands

          No matter where you're headed on your camping adventure, you'll need food and water purification supplies. Keep reading for easy ways to outfit your campsite kitchen with items from Public Lands!

          Picking Out Your Camping Food

          When you go camping, it's important to have access to nutritious food that helps you maintain your energy levels. While you can bring prepared food from home, dehydrated meals take up less space. They may be easier to carry for extended camping trips.

          Public Lands sells dehydrated meals in pouches, and you can choose from meat-based, vegetarian and vegan options. After adding water to the contents of the pouch, you can heat up your delicious meal on your camping stove. Lasagna, oatmeal, and chili are a few of the available meal options.

          Purifying Your Water Supply

          To purify your campsite water, you can use water purification tablets, portable UV purifiers, drinking straw filters, or gravity bags. Water purification tablets are recommended for short-term or emergency use. They can be used to purify many gallons of water at one time.

          UV purifiers require batteries or charging devices, and they can purify water in less than one minute. Many UV purifiers are inserts that allow you to purify your water in its original container.

          Drinking straw filtration devices are personal water filters. They're perfect for solo travelers, and you can use them to drink directly from rivers and lakes. Straw filtration devices are easy to clean, and you can reuse them to filter up to 264 gallons of water.

          With a gravity bag, you can filter your water while you're on the go. Fill your gravity bag with the water that needs to be purified, and it will pass through the included filter. After that, it's ready to drink.

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