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Explore Bike Lights at Public Lands

Bike lights are essential for your nighttime rides and for city riding. To choose the perfect lights for your bike at Public Lands, it helps to consider the questions below.

How Do You Plan to Use Your Bike Lights?

Bike lights can help you see where you're going, and they help other people see you. If you ride a lot in total darkness, choose a very bright headlight so that you can see ahead. If you're more concerned about others being able to see you, it's important to choose a brighter rear light.

What Kind of Charging System Suits You Best?

At Public Lands, you can buy bike lights that work with batteries and USB charging systems. Battery-operated lights may be best for you if you ride your bike occasionally. If you use your bike lights often, USB-powered lights may be a better fit.

When you use battery-operated lights, be aware that they may dim over time. Always carry an extra set of batteries with you on your trip. If you're using USB-powered lights, make sure that your lights are fully charged before each use.

What Mounting Options Fit Your Needs?

Generally, headlights clip onto your handlebars, and some headlights can be clipped to your bike helmet, too. Many rear lights are designed to be mounted on your seat post or your rear bike rack. For the easiest mounting, you may want to purchase lights with silicone mounts.

For maximum compatibility with your bike, you might want to choose lights that are made with universal mounting systems. These systems work with a large range of bike brands.

If you need even more flexibility with mounting, you could consider purchasing combination lights. These lights can be used as headlights or rear lights.

Now that you've picked out your bike lights, get yourself some more cycling stuff! Pick up some cycling shoes, and don't forget to check out cycling apparel!