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  • Light Lilac
  • Matte Black
Giro Adult Radix MIPS Bike Helmet

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WAS: $99.99*

  • Dark Cherry
Giro Ault Agilis MIPS Road Bike Helmet

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WAS: $99.99*

SMITH Session MIPS Bike Helmet

$101.99 - $170.00

WAS: $170.00*

  • Matte Cinder Haze
  • Matte Spruce/Safari
  • Matte Black
  • White/Black
SMITH Adult Mainline MIPS Trail Bike Helmet

$217.00 - $310.00

WAS: $310.00*

  • Matte Orange
  • Matte Purple
Giro Youth Scamp II MIPS Bike Helmet

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WAS: $74.99*

Find the Best Bike Helmet for Your Ride at Public Lands

Bike helmets might not seem very exciting, but they provide extra security. Though most helmets are adequate for many situations, mere adequacy isn't enough for serious adventurers. Before choosing a helmet from Public Lands, read about the traits that distinguish one helmet from another.


MIPS is short for Multi-Directional Impact Protection System, and MIPS helmets work hard to keep you safe. They're constructed to help protect your brain from rotational impacts.


Visors help protect your eyes from any trauma that might befall them as you zip around. Something as simple as a bug hitting your eye can disrupt your ride, but that's not even the worst possibility. Biking can also send rocks and debris flying toward your face.

One-handed Adjustments

Helmets that allow you to complete one-handed adjustments are incredibly convenient. You don't have to stop your bike to fuss with them, so you'll never have to pause your adventure.

Recommended Use

When you choose your helmet, think about where you'll be riding. Depending on your location, you might need different features.

Mountain bike helmets offer extra protection. Nature has a lot more lumps and bumps than regular roads.

Helmets for mountain biking don't prioritize aerodynamics, though. Road bike helmets are more aerodynamic, and they also have better ventilation.

Recreational helmets are great if you want to ride easy routes for fun. Their lack of special features means they cost less, so they're appealing to casual riders.

Of course, it doesn't matter which helmet you choose if you don't have something to ride! Check out our selection of bikes for every occasion.