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    Thule Bike Trailer Kit


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      Bell Luminate 360 Light Set


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      Explore Bike Accessories at Public Lands

      Bike locks are essential parts of any cycling toolbox. You might want to upgrade your accessories by purchasing bike sensors and bike computers, too. Read on to learn more about the latest ways to accessorize your bike!

      Which Bike Lock Fits Your Needs?

      The selection of bike locks at Public Lands includes cable locks and U-locks. Generally, cable locks use key locks or combination locks. They're ideal for securing your bike seat and other bike parts that are removable.

      U-locks have a horseshoe shape, and they're resistant to hammers and chisels. To size your U-lock, make sure it fits around the area you're locking with as little free space as possible.

      You can use a large size to lock your bike frame and bike wheels. Small or medium sizes are ideal for locking the frame and one wheel. To secure the important parts of your bike, you may want to use a combination of cable locks and U-locks.

      Would Bike Sensors or Computers Be Beneficial for You?

      Bike sensors are wireless devices that attach to your bike's crank arm. These sensors track your performance, including your pedal strokes. The data is sent to an app on your phone, and you can see your overall trends.

      If you want even more information about your cycling performance, a bike computer may help. Bike computers tell you about your altitude acclimation, and you can use them to track your training loads.

      Your bike computer will provide turn-by-turn directions for any route. When you're riding on a trail, the computer offers updates on trail conditions. It will notify you of upcoming forks in the trail, too.

      Continue your preparations for your next cycling adventure by getting new cycling apparel and cycling shoes!